Doctor TES

What is a "Doctor of TES-03"?

An invaluable assistant

TES therapy and devices for physical therapy designed to get rid of uncomfortable health. The device is based on the impact of the activation of the natural process that occurs in the human brain: production of endorphins

This medical equipment

"Doctor TES-03" - is a compact professional device for home use, developed in the Institute of Physiology. Pavlov of the Russian Academy of Sciences. "Doctor TES-03" has conclusive proof of the efficiency and use more than 30 years in hospitals and sanatoriums.

Not only the method itself, but also all devices TES Center marked 24-packs Russian and international awards. On the method of written theses and more than 100 scientific papers, medical centers and clinics run more than 1,000 devices, and they are used more than 30 000 people at home.

The effect of regular use of the device is comparable with the effect of the spa treatment courses, but it achieved significant savings of time and money

To date, the only scientifically based physiotherapy method increase the level of endorphins is the method of TES-therapy, which is being realized of Doctor TES-03.

Easy to use

Doctor TES use

Insert the battery into the unit, fix the electrodes on the forehead and behind the ears, fix them - and you're ready to session recovery.

The device is provided with a set of electrodes a gel base, which is easy to use. They adhere quickly and fixed. 

For convenience, the set of electrodes. It can be purchased separately from the device.


Doctor TES - the perfect gift

Most of all in "Doctor TES" require those who experience persistent weaknesses pain. But the device will be useful not only for people with back pain and joint pain, it is recommended to those who work in stressful conditions, or lead an active life, play sports a lot.
Application of the device eliminates the need to handle to the help of drugs, and this means that such a gift can be not only enjoyable, but also really useful

Main applications Doctor TES-03:

  • An effective response to pain, stress, fatigue and sleep disturbances
  • Normalization of women's health;
  • Enhance immunity for colds
  • Treatment of hypertension and hypotension
  • Normalization of the stomach, intestines and liver
  • Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Rehabilitation after sports injuries and stress

Contraindications TES therapy:

  • Convulsive conditions, epilepsy
  • Injury and brain tumors, infectious lesions of the central nervous system
  • Hypertensive heart disease III stage, hypertensive crisis
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Psycheclampsia
  • hyperthyroidism
  • atrial fibrillation
  • The presence of skin lesions in areas of electrodes
  • The presence of implanted cardiac pacemakers
  • Age up to 5 years

Technical Specifications

Type of current - impulsed bipolar

The strength of the current 0-1.5 mA

Automatic timer for 30 minutes.

Current consumption 25 mA battery

Weight: 0.1 kg

Size: 114x60x52mm

Power supply: built-in 7-9 V accumulator.

Shape of stimulating current: rectangular pulses

CompletenessDoctor TES box

Device Doctor TES-03
The contact wire (cord)
The frontal electrode 1 PC. 
Electrodes BTE 2 pack
A CD with the audio session

Gel electrodes, which are supplied, on average, 50 medical procedures and more.

Recommendations for extending the life of the electrodes is given in the instruction manual of the device "Doctor TES-03".

Doctor TESRegulations

Device DOCTOR TES (Apparatus-03) is manufactured and accepted in accordance with the requirements of THE 9444-008-44333151-2009 and found fit for use.
The device complies with GOST R 50444-92, GOST R 50267.0-92 GOST R 50267.0.2-2005, GOST R 50267.10-93.
Registration certificate № FS b/1739-05
Certificate of compliance № ROSS RU IM.N

How to buy?

The device costs 240 EUR

To buy the "Doctor TES" or other apparatus of  TES-Therapy contact us by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or leave your request to buy on order form below.

We ship the order by post after payment (paypal or card visa/mastercard)

Attention! We are manufacturers of this equipment, so buying devices from us, you beware yourself of fakes! 

Manual download



  • Devices for non-invasive transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic system: application for improvement of human Psycho-physiological status


  • The certificate was issued on the grounds of labor conditions inspection according certification scheme "Certification" SAC


  • Transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic. System as an example of the uninvasive functional electrostimulation of the brain homeostatic mechanisms: Activation of tissue repair